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AccuPulse Medical

Career path

How a Chinese MedTech venturer hopes to leapfrog US giants

Published 12 August 2022 in Career path • 5 min read

Jay Yin’s year at IMD proved a turning point in his career – setting him on course to become CEO of one of China’s most ambitious healthcare startups.


“What I’m doing with my company is arbitrage in talent,” says Jay Yin, MBA 2006 and founder and CEO of AccuPulse Medical, a China-based startup that just 20 months into its life is already well-positioned to be a world leader in cardiac electrophysiology.

“Our innovation is to do the opposite of what most companies do. Traditionally, US and European MNCs have built R&D centers in China to leverage the cheap talent there. I see things differently. I’m setting up an R&D center and hiring talent in the US to create innovation and send it to China.”

Yin’s goal is to be the first to develop a new way of treating heart arrhythmia, a disease which in various forms affects more than 30 million people in China. “We’re focusing on a next-generation technology called pulse-field ablation that uses a catheter with electrodes attached that can stop [heart] arrhythmia in just milliseconds,” says Yin.

“My company is going to build first-class products by leveraging global talent to develop and sell in China in the first place, then expand to Europe and the US,” he says.

Headquartered in Suzhou, one of the leading cities of east China’s Yangtze Delta region, the company has already raised US$22 million, first from an initial seed round of US$8 million, followed in May this year with a series-A round of US$14 million, part of which is being spent on developing the company’s second R&D center at Ogden, Utah, in the US.

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