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CEO Dialogue podcast series


Pascal Soriot

5 August 2021 in CEO Dialogue podcast series

In this revealing conversation, AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot gives his thoughts on the future of Pharma - and the need to build a greener and more sustainable world....

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Pascal Soriot has been described as the hottest CEO in Pharma. After almost a decade at the helm of AstraZeneca, the company has seen a remarkable turnaround – battling falling sales to become one of the most valuable companies on the FTSE 100.

For many, the drugmaker is synonymous with its coronavirus vaccine, but the source of Astrazeneca’s success traces back long before the pandemic. This week, Pascal Soriot tells IMD President Jean-François Manzoni about the future of the pharmaceuticals industry and the need to build a greener and more sustainable world.

Highlights of  their conversation include a lesson on how to fend off corporate takeovers; some tips on CEO survival; and Soriot’s view on how COVID has changed consumer attitudes to healthcare.


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