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Stefan Larsson

29 September 2021 in Podcasts

Stefan Larsson discusses his fact-based analytical approach, that's helping rebuild the world of fashion sustainably...

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Whether you live in London, Stockholm, or Seattle, there’s a good chance that Stefan Larsson has had something to do with your wardrobe.

In more than 20 years in fashion, he has brought success to the likes of H&M, Old Navy, and Ralph Lauren. Now, as the recently appointed CEO of PVH Corp., he oversees an impressive catalog of brands, including Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. 

But successful brand-building isn’t everything, and Stefan Larsson recognizes the importance of making fashion more sustainable. 

In this interview with IMD President Jean-François Manzoni, Stefan opens up about his analytical approach to business and what the future holds for the biggest names in apparel.


Host: IMD President Jean-François Manzoni 

Guest: Stefan Larsson

Produced by JohnJo Devlin

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