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Where is AI headed? With Professor Amit Joshi

7 July 2022 in Management Cast

In this episode of ManagementCast, Professor Amit Joshi discusses how firms can prepare for a future with Artificial Intelligence....

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Dealing with artificial intelligence can be tricky. It’s a technology that’s moving fast and throwing up practical, economic, and ethical questions for workforces across the globe.

Do executives need to know what’s next for AI? Or, where it will take us in the next ten, twenty or one-hundred years? And does it really matter if AI eventually makes humans obsolete?

IMD Professor Amit Joshi, says CEO’s need to be thinking about these questions before AI changes their industries. 

As a Professor of AI, Analytics, and Marketing Strategy Joshi has helped the world’s top brands successfully implement digital strategies, and figure out their long-term view on AI. In this episode of ManagementCast, the award-winning researcher discusses how firms can prepare for a future with Artificial Intelligence.

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