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CEO Dialogue podcast series

Julie Sweet

16 June 2022 in CEO Dialogue podcast series

Accenture CEO Julie Sweet discusses the importance of learning new skills and finding new ways to engage with customers through technology...

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Less than six months after Julie Sweet was named Global CEO of Accenture, COVID-19 hit.

For some businesses, the pandemic marked a breaking point; but Accenture was ready to ride it out. Sweet says the company has been preparing for a rapid change to working life for a decade, and that as far back as 2013 the company was declaring that “every business is a digital business”.

Sweet has been instrumental in guiding the company through turbulent times and has made huge strides since taking over global operations at Accenture. In conversation with IMD President Jean-Francois Manzoni, she discusses the importance of learning new skills and how companies must use technology, data, and artificial intelligence to find new ways to engage with customers.

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Hakan Agnevall

Håkan Agnevall

25 August 2022 in Podcasts

Håkan Agnevall, President and CEO of Wärtsilä, discusses the transformation facing the maritime and energy industries today...

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