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From the journey of senior executives to issues of gender and data bias, each month, we’ll discuss one recently released book, and add a new one to the list, so you'll be able to plan ahead.

Our first four books are recent releases that have been very well received. Together they give a sense of the books we’ll read: the first follows the journey of a senior executive in a given company and industry; the second book looks at issues of gender and data bias; and the third and fourth address important geopolitical and economic trends.

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July: Book of the month

Emotional intelligence 8th sept

Thursday, 8 September at 12:00 CEST

How to improve the capacity of our emotional intelligence

In today’s uncertain world, we face increasing demands on our individual ability to provide solutions to ever more complex and challenging situations. In addition, many of the most significant issues we face require a consistent balance between our brains’ rational and emotional functionality.

In discussion with IMD Lecturer & Senior Executive Coach Silke Mischke, Philip Holder, author of Discover Your Emotional Intelligence – Improve your personal and professional impact, will help us explore our innate emotional intelligence and describe the techniques and processes we can use daily to help increase the overall capacity of our emotional intelligence.

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Previous books of the month


June 2022 : Solvable

Problem solving skills are in high demand, yet we’re not taught how to develop and apply these skills appropriately. Solvable offers a simple solution with a 3 -step process—Frame, Explore, Decide—and concrete tools that you can use to become a better problem solver and successfully engage relevant people, whatever the challenge you face. 

Summer 2022 and beyond

After we discuss a book, we will add one to the list, so that you can plan your reading for the next few months.


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