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2021 bestsellers: business people should read broadly


I by IMD Book Club: 2022 reading list

Published 1 February 2022 in Leadership • 6 min read

Our first four books look at topics we believe are relevant for executives right now – from China’s retail revolution to how to innovate your business model, supply chain strategy management and why some firms succeed in one country and fail in another.


January 2022:

In January, we began with The Future of Global Retail by Winter Nie, Professor of Leadership and Change Management, Mark J.Greeven, Professor of Innovation and Strategy, Yunfei Fang and James Wang (2021, 250 pages).

From the book’s blurb:

China’s new retail revolution will completely transform how the world thinks about retail and digital innovation. But is the world ready yet? In this book, the authors share an insider’s perspective on what is happening in China to reveal the future for global retail, and a clear framework to help you prepare.

The book presents a number of real-world cases, based on interviews and first-hand consumer experience, to decode China’s retail revolution so that you can understand what is happening and why, and what it means for the rest of the world. Crucially, the book identifies five critical stages in the development of new retail that global retail executives need to grasp now: lifestyle commerce; online-merge-offline retail; social retail; livestream retail; and invisible retail.

To help the industry get ready for this new, China-inspired paradigm in retail, the authors present a practical and simple framework – a 10-year strategic roadmap for global retail executives, which we call the “Beyond” the Value Chain Model.

China’s new retail is not just about fashion, cosmetics, snacks, data-driven convenience stores, and commercial live streaming. At a time when the world of retail is being upended, it offers inspirational lessons in innovation, purpose, and agility for global executives across the entire retail spectrum.

Why this book matters

This book is about much more than retail – it offers a detailed look at how Chinese companies have combined e-commerce, social media, and innovative payment systems to revolutionize the way business is done. For managers of all industries, this entertaining and highly readable account provides a glimpse of the future of business. Insightful and compelling, with many fascinating examples.

Phil Rosenzweig, Professor of Strategy and International Management

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